The Diecast Podcast Tales From Trollskull “The Brunch Crew” E5

By Jonny
The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast Tales From Trollskull "The Brunch Crew" E5

A brand new adventuring group has entered into Trollskull Manor. The Brunch Crew have a quest from Magic Al, or a magic owl? It’s Waterdeep, things get weird. The new crew come together to investigate some goings on in the sewers. Where have all the rats gone, and what has replaced them?

Please welcome the new cast members, The Brunch Crew:

Fred as Wilburforce: @Fearless_Fred

Steph as Una: @hellocookie

Steph as Yojen: @stephgerk

Matthew as Urubark: @MatthewErman

Caelin as Bucket: @Cae_9

Barbara as Eleanor: @MustacheBabs

Give them a follow, and join along in the adventure as they try to solve the rat mystery in the sewers.

It’ll be a Magic Al time.

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By Jonny
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