Tales From Trollskull “Stinky Cheese & Sleepy Bees” Episode 1

By Jonny
The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
Tales From Trollskull "Stinky Cheese & Sleepy Bees" Episode 1

We’re back and we have a brand new show for you! Presenting: Tales From Trollskull, where a rotating group of adventurers travel through the Forgotten Realms. They’ll solve mysteries, fight monsters, and save people.

The first group, aka “The Bee Team,” set off into the Enchanted Forests, north of Waterdeep. They’re in search of some naughty gnolls that are giving a remote logging town some trouble.

Our new cast for this current adventure is:

Please give them a follow on Twitter, and get ready to join along in their adventures on Tales From Trollskull.

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By Jonny
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