Tales From Trollskull “Harker’s Falls” Episode 2

By Jonny
The Diecast Podcast
The Diecast Podcast
Tales From Trollskull "Harker's Falls" Episode 2

Tales from Trollskull is back with a new episode from The Bee Team. What’s the deal with Wendy? Will they make it through the Enchanted Forest unscathed? What’s waiting for them in Harker’s Falls? Find out now!

The Bee Team managed to survive the night in Wendy’s Cottage, and are making plans to head for Harker’s Falls. They’ve been warned about Wendy’s sisters and The Faceless One. They’ll need to rely on Daisy, their expert ranger, to guide them through the rest of the journey. What will they find when they get to Harker’s Falls? What leads can they get on pursuing the gnolls, and what is the status of their sticky bun situation?

It’ll be a rocking trip as the Bee Team ventures into the Enchanted Forest.

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By Jonny
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