Talking Crit: The Endless Atheneeum

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: The Endless Atheneeum

What a run it was for Sprigg, and what a finale to a character.  It was a wonder to see, and it was an luxury to watch.  However, adventures carry forward, and Vox Machina has to get moving.  The ritual to godhood has been completed, Vecna is starting to learn the full potential of his powers.  The hour glass is starting to look thin on top.

The end is getting closer, and a fight worthy of pay-per-view is on the horizon.  It feels like there’s a collective anxiety as this fight approaches.  We just want to get it done, so we can stop worrying ourselves about the build up.  The big question is: Are they ready?  That leads us into our Question of the Week.

It’s simple to ask, but complicated to answer, Is Vox Machina ready for Vecna?  Please give us your opinion and vote in the poll.  Do you think Vox Machina is ready for the fight with Vecna?

While we didn’t do a shout out in the podcast, we’re going to do one for the post.  There was an amazing pictures of Sprigg and his imp.  Christian Hadfield caught an amazing moment in Sprigg’s house.  It’s all about the facial expressions, and the use of Grog’s face being cut off.  It draws your eyes to Sprigg, and then forces you to look at Grogg, to see if he can hear.  It’s a cinematic/photographic look with the shallow depth of field.

It is a great moment caught in time.

That is it for this week.  We’re all wagering on what VM does next, and we can’t wait for Thursday.

We hope all the Critters have a fantastic week.

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By Jonny
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