Talking Crit: The Climb Within

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: The Climb Within

The march up the undead titan continues, and it means Vox Machina is getting closer to the end.  There is some epic level dungeon crawling afoot.  It’s nice to see the party wading into danger, traps, and adventure again.  It feels like a great appetizer before the main course.  Is it a course anyone wants to eat?  Probably not, but Vecna calls, and VM must do something to save the world, again.

This is a great look at how a group tackles an epic level dungeon.  Everyone should be taking notes on resource management, and how to deal with traps & puzzles.  It’d be interesting to see if this is the same across all epic level groups.  Regardless, it seems that Vox Machina has indulged all the distractions they can; every step they take is one step closer to the top.  Vecna awaits, and they are making their way to him.

Question of the Week look at the epic level trap Vox Machina faced and asks whether all epic level traps should be deadly?  Give us your vote and opinion, and let us know what you think of the epic level encounters.

Shout outs this week go to some amazingly talented artists.  The first goes to Foxwit and this great portrait of Gilmore.  You can just see the confidence oozing off the page.  It’s a great moment captured in portrait, you only see from the neck up, but you immediately can see his body position, his swagger, and that Glorious Goods charm that he leverages against everyone.  This is a fantastic representation of Gilmore, and it could easily be a character design in Dream Daddy.  Thank you for the wonderful portrait, Foxwit.

The second shout out goes to an old favourite, Kent Davis.  This landscape of the titan is breath taking.  Look at it in it’s full size if you can, it will awe you.  The scope, the colours, the composition all work to show a creature of awe and terror.  J’mon is a nice subtle way to give our brains a sense of perspective.  Even if you have no idea how large a dragon is, you still know this thing dwarfs it by leagues.  Usually Critical Role fan art is something awe inspiring, but this gives you the shivers.  It’s a nice jolt to our systems to see that the big baddies are, in fact, big ass baddies.

What a terrifying image, thank you Kent for scaring us all with it.

Also a big shout out to Megzilla and her table at Fan Expo this weekend.  You can find her in Artists Alley at table A174, where you can find Critical Role goodies, and other wonderful items for sale.  If you’re in the area, go check out her table, it will be full of awesome art and illustrations.  If you’ve ever wanted an awesome drawing, and the ability to support local Toronto artists, Fan Expo is the place for you.

It is Sam’s one shot next week, and think we all have a nervous excitement about it.  His brain is going to uncork something unreal upon us all, and I think we’re all smiling at the prospect.  See you next week, if Sam has left any of us intact after his one off.

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