Talking Crit Podcast: The Voice of the Tempest

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit Podcast: The Voice of the Tempest

It is a solo podcast today, as we learn that Jonny has problems understanding calendars.  This week’s episode was a turning point, for plot and for character development.  We got some hilarious adventures with Taryon & Grog, which was much needed, but we also got some ever loving background info.  The research they did into the City of Dis will provide some beautiful framing and colour for us the audience, as well as the players.

We also got a final chapter on the Aramente.  What a great conclusion to an epic chapter.  It’s a great feeling to see how everyone has grown and changed, and brought about the finale to a story line.  It also means that a new story is just around the corner, or in a city on the third level of hell.  This leads into our Question of the Week:

Give a vote on what you’ve experienced in your RPG campaigns, or just give us a tweet and let us know.

Our Shout Outs this week go to some beautiful pieces of Critter art.  The first goes to @ElectroCereal.

This is fantastic work.  The pose, the colours, and the composition blend together the emotions of hope, security, and strength.  These are qualities that Pike and Mercy share.  After a small conversation with ElectroCereal, it was great to see him explain his process and where he pulled his influences from.

Our second shout out goes to @igglespiggles.

This was a piece that stood out.  It’s lines and blending of these through the hair, the feathers, and the body poses makes the Raven Queen intimidating.  There’s something to fear in the three toed talon reaching out to Vax.  Mirroring the same type of themes, Vax stands defiant, yet knowing of his role with the Raven Queen.  It’s a nice contrast of emotion, while both parties share the same colours and lines.  It’s subtle, but it’s beautiful.  I find myself come back to this again and again just to admire all the subtle layers to it.

Give these two awesome artists a follow, and let them know what you think of their great work.

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