Talking Crit Podcast: Race to the Tower

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit Podcast: Race to the Tower

It’s going to be a long day.night/static time period in the Feywild.  Vox Machina had to ditch and run versus their new nemesis, Vecna.  That one eyed, one hand, flying purple people disintegrator has become the new big bad.  There was a lot of emotion, and a lot of surprises in The Race to the Tower.  VM was stuck in a difficult situation, sit and wait, or tackle the terror right now.  It was a no win situation, and they did the best they could.  This is what happens at epic level, you run into the toughest of the tough out there.  The fight was a series of ups and downs, it’s hard to say how it could have gone, but the crew made the right choice in booking out after Vax was lost.

What to do with Vax?  There are a few ways to bring him back, there’s True Resurrection, there’s potentially a wish spell.  How is he going to feel about all this?  Does he think it was fate that he was supposed to die?  Is he going to be the Coulson for the group?  Is this going to be the catalyst that sparks Vox Machina to take the fight to Vecna?  Is he going to be upset, knowing that his fate may have already been planned, but the group altered it?  We ask the Critters for Question of the Week.

Question of the Week has the spotlight on Vax.  Is he going to be upset that his fate was altered and brought back, or is he going to be happy, knowing that he gets a chance to finish off the demigod once and for all?  Vote in the poll, and let us know what you think is going to happen.  We would have to hear what you think our half elven paladin is going to be thinking.

Shout outs this week will be Vox heavy, the art has been emotional and you jerks are making it hard to contain all our feels inside.  Thanks for making us express emotion.  Seriously though, they have all been heart wrenching and compelling.  The first shout out goes to Maya Goldroot.  This tragic and beautiful piece is a blend of art and story telling.  The way the wings and armour smudge off into nothingness is hard to take in.  It’s the thought of slowly being erased, it evokes this sense of self preservation and empathy.  We all were imagining what it would feel like, and Maya does an amazing job of visualizing what we all felt.  This is amazing work, Maya.

Take a breather, they’re only going to pull more heart strings as we go.

Dedicatedfollower467 plays on these emotions as well, instead we feel it from Vax’s perspective.  This black & white image punctuates the moment.  That reaching out in vain, but he only finds dust.  It’s the facial expression, followed by the juxtaposition of a pile of ash that brings it home.  We feel right along with Vex, knowing what is happening, and that there is no way to stop it.  Thanks @def467 for recalling pulling those emotions out of us Critters.

The final shout out goes Ioana Muresan, and a moment that no one realized until Sam Riegel brought it up.  Tary is the only one who knows what happened to the group.  What was it like to see that necklace keep pulsing as more and more Vox Machina went down.  The composition, the off panel Doty V 2.0, it all connects back to the family that Tary had, and has potentially lost.  What was he doing before hand?  Was he coming back form dinner, was he just waking up?  It leaves more questions than answers, and we thank Ioana for helping us visualize this scene, it’s beautiful work.

That is it for this week, follow all the artists you just saw, and let them know what you think of their art.  It’s a sign of a healthy community when we see pieces like the ones above being produce.  It is an embarrassment of riches.  Thank you for the art, always.

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