Talking Crit: Fleeting Memories

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: Fleeting Memories

What a wearied web we’ve weaved for Mollymauk.  A past life long left for dead, and a new life to build from the literal ground up.  We got a ton of backstory for one of our beloved Tieflings.  We also got some surprising news from Yasha about her origins. How does she feel about Xorhas making a small incursion into Zadash and the Empire?  There is a pre-amble before a dungeon crawl, as we getting ready for some old school combat and treasure hunting.  There’s a lot to digest before we jump into a crawl, are we going to be ready for what The Mighty Nein has to accomplish for The Gentlemen?

Remember to always take a long rest before dungeon crawling after consuming a massive amount of plot.  You don’t want to cramp while fighting mimics.

While were digesting all the backstory, is all of it true?  In fact, is Mollymauk being 100% honest about his past and how he came to be?  This means it’s time for Question of the Week.

Question of the Week is getting Critters to look at the past of Mollymauk.  Is he being 100% sincere about his past, or is he running the longest con of all time?  Place your vote, let us know, and we’ll see Molly’s past turns out to be.


Shout outs this week are plentiful.  The first goes to Ilya Salinkov and this amazing animated gif.  It’s a great moment of Beau charging up her Static Shock Palm of Mild Inconvenience.  The colours and style are beautiful.  It has an Avatar the Last Airbender feel to it.  The thing that makes this gif jump off the screen is the comedic timing.  It’s a hard thing to do in an animated gif, but Ilya nails it.  The power build up followed by the slow shuffle is hilarious.  It’s a great build up of expectations, and then a great diversion.  This is an awesome gif, thank you Ilya.


The second shout out goes to Amanda Hakim with a powerful and beautiful image.  Power and intensity describe this image well.  It is Caleb channeling the pyrotechnic powers that haunts him.  It’s stunning to see such a mild personality uncork this massive display of fire.  Amanda makes this moment awe inspiring.  It’s like being a kid and watching a fireworks display for the first time.  The power behind it is awesome, but we have no understanding of how dangerous it can be.  Amanda has captures the contrast in the light and shadows, and mirrored it with the personality that Caleb has.  It’s a beautiful image, please follow Amanda on twitter and check out the other amazing art she creates.


The final shout out foes to Genji Figma and this awesome scene of Nott when Fjord and Caleb had their encounter.  These could be cells right out of an anime.  It has a Naruto feel to the scene.  Nott’s eyes are large, full, and fearless.  She is ready to throw down to save Caleb.  The particles and the depth of field are perfect.  It adds a lot of atmosphere to an already tense scene.  This is a perfect example of show, don’t tell a scene.  You get the tension of Nott’s face, you get the dark, compact feeling of the room their in with the shadows.  These two scenes tell so much with little dialogue.  It’s an amazing scene made better by this art.  Thank you Genji for this great pair of images.

That is it for this week.  Don’t forget to follow all the artists we shouted out this week.  Your news feed will be full of great images, and more colour never hurts.  We’ll be live tweeting the show this week, we can’t wait to talk to everyone.

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