Talking Crit: E74 Double Episode

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: E74 Double Episode

The Mighty Nein have arrived, survived, and thrived in Hupperdook.    What is it about gnomes that makes them hardcore partiers.  They learned some hard truths about drinking in a party town; number one being: Don’t drink around pick pockets.  Also, try and avoid fighting prison automatons.  There’s something about rolling balls of bladed death that captures the imagination, and shrapnel to the face.  There was fights, there was high emotion, and a tearful goodbye and Matt Mercer managed to create another tsunami of tears with Kiri’s goodbye.  We also saw Nott pick a pocket and become a new firearm owner.  This leads into our Question of the Week.

Question of the Week looks at Percy and Nott.  Will Nott’s theft ping Percy’s radar?  Will we see the Heir of Whitestone come out east and deal with a reckless goblin?  Place your vote and let us know what you think will happen.

The first shout out this week goes to Dani G and this image of Beau.  The lineless technique works so well here.  It brings out memories of Samurai Jack.  The facial expression and the attitude is captured in her pose.  This is a great depiction of our favourite trash monk.  You could easily see this as a sticker or a pin.  It recreates all the confidence that Beau projects, yet still shows she’s just a kid with that hint of freckles under the eyes.

It’s a wonderful image, thank you for creating this.

Our second shout out goes to everyone’s favourite Birb.  Kiri the Kenku created by Leesha Hannigan is beautiful.  It is probably the best depiction of a Kenku we have ever seen.  The details in the feathers, the eyes, and claws are a perfect morph of corvid and humanoid.  The background gives a bit of an ominous tone to the image, but the eyes show youth, they show optimism and hope.  It what could lean heavy into a darker theme, actually inspires a smile.  Maybe it’s the bias of the character we’ve seen develop on the stream, but it’s a great piece that shows how beautiful our lil’ birb is.  Kiri is hitting an almost Gilmore level type of adoration, and we are all for it.  This image helps put Kiri into the upper echelon of brilliant NPC’s we have all fallen in love with.

Leesha, you have made an awesome piece.  The life like details are amazing, thank you.

Our third shout out goes to a group of Toronto/GTA based Critters who are organizing a GTA Critter meet up.  Please follow any of the Critter artists below for details.  Brendan and I will be there to hang out and talking Critical Role.  It is going to be an awesome time.  Thank you to Meg, Christina, Jess, and Sedona for throwing this together.  If you’re int eh GTA, come on out and help celebrate an awesome community.

Our last shout out goes to the Unconventional Gaming Convention.  Brendan and I will be there on September 8th to DM a few games of D&D, hang out, and talk some RPG’s.  This is something that is needed, and something that should be celebrated.  Diversity can only be a strength, and it is going to be a great crowd of story tellers in Peterborough.

Please come join us, and help celebrate an amazing time.

That is it for this week, we apologize for the lateness.  The heat in Toronto has been massive, and it’s been a hard to be mobile past few days.  Wherever you are, we hope you are beating the heat and staying cool.  We hope your Canada Day and Fourth of July celebrations were great, safe, and hydrated.  Don’t forget your sun block out there, it’s still going to be a hot summer.  have lots of fun everyone, and keep playing more RPG’s.

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