Talking Crit: Curious Beginnings

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: Curious Beginnings

We are back everyone, and there is a new campaign for us to roll up and keep us safe, relatively safe; okay, maybe not safe at all, but it feels good to being a new campaign.  We got a new location, a new cast of characters, and a new villain to watch out for.  It was great to see everyone back together.  That new table was amazing, is it possible to declare your passionate love for an inanimate object?  I think I’m right on the edge of proposing to that table.  Wyrmwood did some fine work.  However, back to Critical Role.

Still eyes the table.

We start to see the foundation of the group come together.  There’s a lot of questions, and a shared first day of school like experience.  There is a long road ahead of us all, so let’s bundle up, make sure we have our rope, and go on an adventure together.

Let’s find out what caused those zombies.

This is where we find our Question of the Week, what was the cause of the zombies?  Let us know with your vote, and give a response on twitter with any ideas or theories you may have.

Before we do shout outs this week, let’s take a minute to recognize all the amazing art and cosplay that came out in a short amount of time.  It’s community members like this that drive others to start creating.  It was hard to think that the fan art could have got better, but it did.  This Group Think for Critical Role has been amazing.  It’s easy to be awed by all the different interpretations of the character designs.  Let’s jump into it.

The first shout out goes to joric.  This is a stroll down a terrible, terrible memory lane.  This panorama of death and destruction is awesome.  You could spend hours looking at all the subtle differences in the image.  I personally love the green energy that looks like it’s giving Vecna lift off the ground.  That so much evil energy feel, that it makes him fly.  That’s such a cool idea.  The other thing that jumped out was the background dragons.  It didn’t click in that it was the Chroma Conclave at first, and then they exploded off the page.  It’s so well done.  What a great piece of work.

The second shout out goes to Aimo, who made these amazing portraits of Jester, Beau, and Fjord.  There’s so much expression that reveals a ton of character.  This is a great example of show don’t tell.  You don’t need them doing flips, you don’t need speech bubbles, you just have to take in all the personality that pours off the screen.  It would be so easy to turn this group into an ongoing anime series; something like Avatar or Full Metal Alchemist.  It’s great portrait work.  Thank you for making this.

Our third shout out goes to David Rodrigues.  These sketch book drawings are intimate, they’re raw, and like Aimo, show a ton of personality coming off the page.  It’s beautiful to see how everyone interprets each character.  The clusters that draw my eyes the most are the tie flings, with a hint of Draenei in them, Yasha with an Aloy feel from Horizon Zero Dawn, and Beau & Fjord with a Sokka/Korra vibe coming off of them.  That is how I saw it.  I love black and white sketches/portraits/charcoal drawings. It just has more personality to it.  Seeing the texture of the paper work with the pencil lines just does something that makes it magical.  It is just dang cool to look at.

That is it for this week, we will see you all next week.  Please give all these artists a follow, if you haven’t already.  As we have said before, if you want your twitter feed to be filled with awesome, follow as many artists and creators as you can.  They make the internet a fun place to explore.

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