Talking Crit: A Favour in Kind

By Jonny
Talking Crit
Talking Crit
Talking Crit: A Favour in Kind

Episode 68 is here.  We’re covering the last two weeks as we look at puzzles on a podcast or stream.  We also look at what the M9 have been up to, and some more of the subtle clues hidden in plain sight.  Are Brendan and I digging too deep with crazy fan theories or is there something actually there?

Question of the Week looks at the Crawling King.  Has he been hiding in plain sight the entire time?  Are we ignoring the signs of the Betrayer God?  Could we just be a couple of crazy D&D fans, who have last a connection with reality?  All things are possible.  Place your vote and let us know what you think the Betrayer God is up to.

Shout outs this week have more cosplay coming at us.  This amazing Zahra cosplay is perfect.  The horns are beautiful.  I’d love to know if they were 3D printed or if they were warble made.  It is an incredible pice fo work.  The portrait is also an amazing shot.  The positioning and the post editing is superb. You can find the photographer Stars of Gemini on twitter: @StarsOfGemini.  It’s a great contrast of colour, as the red off the face and arms pops alongside the hair.  The particles in the air help give that sense of mysticism that Zahra has.  The face is pure Zahra.  That’s the face of a warlock who has seen, and done, things to get where she is.  The cloak helps add character and flare to the scene.

It is a wonderful cosplay, a wonderful picture, it’s just a great combination of skills and work.

Thank you for making this.

The second shout out goes to a previous artist we put in the spotlight.  Kent Davis has created another amazing portrait.  This Caleb & Frumpkin is spectacular.  The lighting off of Frumpkin gives the perfect glow to Caleb’s face.  It is a stunning portrait.  Kent has captured this moment of Caleb that could be universal.  This could be set in Seattle in Shadow Run, this could be set in Exalted, or any other RPG, story, sci-fi/Fantasy setting.  It’s about the wizard and who he is.  This moment in between emotions is a great display of Caleb.

Kent continues to make amazing portraits, and we can’t wait for the next one.  It’s just stunning what he has created here.

That is it for this week, please follow the artists above, and let them know how awesome their work is.  It has been a great week for creativity.  The Critter community is awesome.

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By Jonny
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