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By Jonny

There are a few missing spots in the mosaic that makes up Dungeons & Dragons. Players, DM’s, and Content Creators fill in the gaps as needed. The writers and editors for Uncaged Goddesses not only have filled in some essential gaps in the mosaic, they’ve improved and redesigned some outdated tiles. Uncaged continues the excellent tradition from the anthology. This collection takes on the gods and gives them a new life in 21 of one shot adventures. With over 70 writers, artists, and editors, this latest volume looks to be the best of the series.

Let’s take a look at what makes this module amazing.

The Small but Cool Things

Full Page Artist: Beatriz F. Valverde
Adventure Writer: Laurie O’Connel
Border Artist and Layout: David Markiwsky

This edition fills one of the messing tiles in the great D&D mosaic, epic level adventures. Epic level D&D gets weird, and it can feel difficult to run as a DM and as a player. It’s a part of D&D that doesn’t get played often, so there isn’t a lot of knowledge or experience to pull from. Uncaged Goddesses is an excellent resource for this. They do a lot of things that should be trends in future releases of epic level adventures. The Quick Guide to Running Tier 4 play is essential reading. This is an info sheet that should be included with every tier 4 adventure. It helps dispel a lot of mystery and concerns DM’s may have about epic level play. Bookmark this page, and keep it handy. You can see the love that has been put into module, and you can see their commitment to making sure that everyone at the table is made to feel safe and welcome.

The content warnings at the start of each adventure are essential. This is another trend that should be in every adventure module, regardless of tier. It is an essential tool for DM’s to know what boundaries may be encountered in the adventure. Some players may know their boundaries, others may not. It is great to let DM’s know, so they can customize adventures and encounters that are inclusive for everyone. Let’s see more of this design.

For the pdf version, the clickable and accessible table of contents makes the document a smooth navigation. Again, a trend that should be in every module: accessibility for everyone.

The other small but cool thing that is DM friendly is the printable player maps. Another great trend that should be in every module; regardless of digital or paper copy. It makes things easier for DM’s to copy and paste into a vtt, or be ready to print up for a table top. For anyone concerned with complexity for tier 4 play, Uncaged Goddesses is DM friendly. If there are reservations about jumping into epic campaigns, this is a great start to get acclimatized.

The Big The Bold and The Beautiful

Artist: Flo Young

This is a beautiful book. The art, the layout, and the adventures are well put together. It is a feast for the eyes, and it adds to the epic feel of the book. The splash pages create the perfect sense of awe, and character portraits give the right accents to help deliver the story to the DM’s and players. The book is an easy read, and the layout makes sure that getting lost in text or tables is not an issue. It’s easy to be pulled to a favorite deity and see how they’ve been redesigned, but it’s easy to scan through the pages and been drawn in by the art to a new adventure.

The adventures are fantastic. You want epic Barovia adventures? They got it. How about some fish folks fighting elder brains in the Underdark? All those bases are covered. What if a beholder goddess wants to create other beholder deities? Look no further, there is a great adventure waiting. The adventures cover the spectrum from epic, to dark, to out of this world. That is what tier 4 games should be, and Uncaged Goddesses puts a spotlight on each creator, and lets them explore cool new ways to tell amazing stories.

Two ways to make high level D&D engaging for everyone is to be epic and fun. This book excels at epic and fun.

There is no number rating system here.


Should you buy this book?


From the layout, to the art, and the fantastic adventures, this module is for anyone. The pdf is a great tool for any DM playing in a virtual space, and the hardcover book is going to be a great addition to any collection. You will have an amazing time running epic adventures, and having fun with your friends.

Uncaged Goddesses is on sale at the DM’s Guild. You can pick it up here, and consider getting the hard cover. It will look great sitting on any shelf.

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