Overwatch: How to use Hanzo’s Sight

By Jonny

Sniping can be a giant pain in the rear regardless if you’re on console or PC.  They can be tough to play, even tougher when you have to launch arrows at people who can teleport or rewind time.  Overwatch has a unique hero in Hanzo, and he can be confusing to use.  Leading and drop are all things to take into consideration when trying to land an arrow at long range, but Blizzard doesn’t leave you on your own.  The design of Hanzo’s sight is clever and will help you out, if you know how to read it.

Watch the video and hopefully you can learn something new while using Hanzo.  I’m not the best to show in game footage, I’m pretty terrible with snipers.  However, if you can use any of the information about his sight, it will hopefully improve your gameplay.

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By Jonny
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