Coming Soon: Tales from Trollskull

Stephanie Cooke
By Stephanie Cooke

Hey there, Diecast Podcast fans!

What’s that? We’re actually using the news section for news? What is this, even?! Well, we’re going to try to use this to keep you updated on what’s going on with us and what we’re excited about in the Dungeons & Dragons world (extending into some general TTRPG stuff too). Don’t worry, we’re still primarily the home for all your D&D podcast goodness, but we’re trying some things out.

Let’s face it: 2020 kicked us all in the butt. There hasn’t been a new episode of the show since the end of October, and we’ve really missed playing and recording. We had to adjust to lockdowns, self-isolation, loneliness, and having our entire worlds transitioning to a virtual one. But in addition to the new main season of Diecast that’s coming soon, we have another little surprise for you!


We’ve been working on putting together a series of short stories with a whole new cast playing all-new characters. Well, there will still be a few familiar faces (or voices, rather) but mostly, the groups will be comprised of new adventurers.

They’ll be standalone minis that don’t require any previous knowledge of the world, characters, or episodes. While there will definitely be some Easter Eggs for our fans, these will be a great jumping on point for anyone who just wants to get away from the real world to go on a D&D adventure.

We’re still finishing up recording and editing, but you can expect the first episodes to drop soon! Make sure you follow us on Twitter for updates and hints on what you can expect (some of the new cast may have been sharing some tidbits to check out over there!)

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